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Kathy Wilson's "I'm going to beat Cancer" Tips

Take the Cancer Diagnosis as a Warning not a Fact.
Change your life and live each day to the fullest.
Don't let it be a death sentence but a life sentence
and set out to prove the doctors wrong.

What to do when first diagnosed

1. Get every test, every report, every file from every doctor and take it with you to every appointment thereafter.

2. Keep calling the insurance company until you become friends with an agent. Having a relationship with the insurance companygoes a long way. You can challenge every decision, and you might gain a compassionate ally.

3. On the very first call to an office to schedule an appointment, get a list of everything you need for that appointment. It’s a great habit to get into for the onslaught of appointments that will follow.

4. Take the cancer diagnosis as a warning not a fact. Change your life and LIVE each day to the fullest. Don't let it be a death sentence but a life sentence and set out to prove the doctors wrong.

5. Don’t dwell on bad things. You have to let things go immediately before they fester and bring you any more misery or bad health.

6. Learn and strive to be happy -- it’s your job, no one else’s.

7. You are facing very stressful procedures but you will get through it. Put your head down and plow ahead. Later, you can look back and think about what you were going through but for now, your only focus is to get it done.

8. Try to find fun things to do on the days that you don’t have cancer appointments. It’s good to have something to look forward to.

9. Tackle cancer quickly and fiercely. Juice, stay hydrated, take your medication, keep away from sick people, make up your mind that you will live and you will get through it.

10. Cancer is a business. Doctors are a business. You shop for a car, shop for your health. Don't just do whatever your primary health doctor tells you to do.

11. Have your family and friends read this: When a cancer patient is in constant pain, they don’t want to talk about cancer or death. Just like the way you don’t tell your labor war story to a first time pregnant gal. Duh. Do not feel the need to tell them about someone else who has beat cancer or that didn’t make it. Don't tell them that everyone is crying and sad and wishes they could do something to help. Don't make them feel like they are dying, because life is before death and now is the time to really live. Just be there to listen and if they don't talk, then they need to rest, so leave them alone. Supply them with water, healthy food, medicine and love. Appreciate every second and realize what a gift this person is to you. Take that gift, and be a gift to someone else.

To get cheap Zofran (for nausea):
For mouth sores: Magic Mouthwash from a Pharmacist
For carcinoid cough: Cough syrup with Codeine helps suppress

Things to do to lower cancer risk:

Use non-stick pans, the microwave, sun-tanning products, aerosol products, or eat food that contains red dye 40. Don’t let the dentist take an x-ray every year just because the insurance pays for it.

Use sun block on a daily basis with helioplex, wear sunglasses, take a vitamin D supplement, exercise, breathe deeply, relax, think positively, and get regular health exams. Limit your intake of fast and processed foods by eating raw and home cooked meals.
These are simple things that don’t take a lot of effort, but will make a big difference in your health.