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Dr. Wolin at Cedars Sinai is a leader in Carcinod Tumors Detection and Treatment.

Dr. McKenna is an amazing surgeon who took out Kathy's Lung Tumors.

June 10, 2008

DuPont plant linked to cancer
Company to look into high W.Va. rates; other plants blacked out in report
By ANDREW EDER, The News Journal

DuPont Co. plans to investigate a possible cancer cluster at the company's Washington Works plant
in West Virginia, based on company data that show an abnormally high rate for a rare type of cancer
among plant workers.

In all, the company found 19 cases of carcinoid tumors among workers at 12 current or former
DuPont plants, with six cases found among workers at Washington Works, according to a report filed
by DuPont with the Environmental Protection Agency in December.